Star Wars Will Officially Have a Summer 2015 Release (Duh)

Posted by David Konow

In what has to be the big non-news story of the day, it has been officially announced that the JJ Abrams reboot of Star Wars will be coming out in the summer of 2015. This is certainly no big news flash, and it was Star Wars that helped create the whole summer blockbuster climate back in the ‘70’s along with Jaws.

Before Star Wars and Jaws, summer was a time for low budget B movies, and re-releases of films, much like re-runs on TV before the beginning of a new season. Star Wars was released on Memorial Day, which was then considered the worst day you could put out a film, but when it hit pay dirt, Memorial Day became one of the most important release dates in the business, with rival studios fighting for it years in advance.
So Collider confirms that Star Wars will indeed be out in the summer of 2015, no official date has been set, but we wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to pick Memorial Day, and whatever day is chosen, no other rival movie will go near it in a million years. 
Also in Star Wars news, or non-news, there was the big Disney convention, the D23 Expo, and the fans were angry there was no Star Wars presentation. Again, big duh there, because everything is going to be really tightly under wraps, even more so with JJ Abrams onboard. So don’t expect to see much of anything on the next Star Wars for quite some time, but that should be a given, especially to the geeks.