Sequel to the New Model Tomb Raider in the Works

Posted by David Konow

If a movie can get rebooted, why not a video game, right? That’s what they did with Tomb Raider, which could have been in danger of being forgotten in today’s video game age, but the new model Lara Croft got very high marks from players and reviewers. And being that games can have even more sequels than a movie franchise, another Tomb Raider game is indeed in the works.

The L.A. Times tells us that the sequel to Tomb Raider is “well into development at Square Enix.” There’s no potential date when the game could be out in the world, but the Chief Exec at Enix, Phil Rogers, wrote in a blog that it should be ready for the next wave of consoles that will be available in the future. 
As it turns out, it as announced at Comic Con that there will be a Tomb Raider comic series for Dark Horse, and this will work in tandem with the upcoming game sequel. The new Lara cut down on the T&A, and as Rhianna Pratchett, who wrote the script for the game, said, “She looks like a woman who has dressed herself, rather than a woman who has been dressed by a male game developer.” At the same time, she’s a woman through and through: “You can’t just create a male character with boobs.” 
It proved tough to put out a new Croft game with the gaming market being pretty tough these days. As another Square Enix source told the L.A. Times, “There was tremendous competition from many other strong titles, and with the diverse amount of entertainment options available, customers have become more selective…”
Nevertheless, there should be plenty of fans waiting for Lara’s return, and Enix is also working on another Final Fantasy installment, along with Kingdom Hearts 3.