Star Wars City Threatened By Sand Storms

Posted by David Konow

When you see headlines about Darth Vader becoming homeless, it’s obviously a goof. Yet there is indeed a problem hitting the Tunisian desert where Star Wars was shot, and it may end up wiping out the Mos Espa set from Episode One.

As the BBC informs us, sand dunes have been migrating towards the set, and you usually don’t build homes there because of this reason. According to this report, dunes migrate ten times faster in this area than they do on Mars.

In fact, two researchers visited the area in 2009, and noticed that one set from Episode One had already been engulfed in sand. These researchers were also able to determine that the dunes were moving at 15 miles a year, and it’s already reached the Mos Espa set.

It’s too bad this wasn’t utilized in the Star Wars films. A big sandstorm, like the ice blizzards of Hoth, would be a pretty cool image, or maybe Lucas wanted to avoid comparisons to Dune. So far, there’s no reports as to what will be done for these buildings, or how much time is left before they could get buried in sand like cat poop, but we’ll keep you posted on any further developments.