Under the Dome is a DVR Ratings Winner

Posted by David Konow

Genre TV has never been hotter. Not only is Game of Thrones a cultural phenomenon, but The Walking Dead is going like gangbusters, and Under the Dome, based on the Stephen King novel, is now officially a ratings hit. Like Game of Thrones, Under the Dome is also a ratings hit for viewers watching the CBS show later on DVR.

As Deadline reports, viewers watching the series on DVR have helped drive Dome’s ratings to 17.76 million. This is the result of seven days of DVR playbacks that the Nielsen ratings have added up. This has not only helped build up the ratings for Thrones, but also the series Elementary as well.
As The Wrap reports, so far the ratings for Dome have indeed been holding steady since it debuted three weeks ago on June 24, and it looks like it will indeed be another genre show hit this year. Reviews for Dome so far as mixed, implying the show needs to iron out some bugs before it becomes a real winner, but people are definitely tuning in and watching. Perhaps like the JJ Abrams show Revolution, which didn’t get great initial reviews either, the fans will be willing to wait it out and see if the show finds its footing. 
As Variety hopes, “King’s latest Twilight Zone – like premise clearly has the potential to get under one’s skin.” The Hollywood Reporter also noted, “The intriguing Stephen King adaption is filled with storytelling promise.” 
As a big fan of genre TV, like the ‘60’s-‘70’s classics Kolchak and Dark Shadows, it’s good to see horror and fantasy doing well on regular network television again. Here’s to more to come.