The verdict is in on Pacific Rim

Posted by David Konow

This has been a very chaotic summer for blockbuster movies. Reports are everywhere about how The Lone Ranger could be a big turning point because it cost so much money, and is now facing a potential $150 million dollar write down, which puts it in the John Carter league of failure. 

This also means there’s a lot riding on Pacific Rim, which is not based on a previous movie, comic book, TV show, or video game. This is a brand new, original story, although it certainly takes a lot from the Japanese giant robots of the ‘60’s like Gigantor. Now that Warner Brothers no longer has any Batman or Harry Potter films in their future, they’re also hoping Pacific Rim will be a big potential franchise for the studio. With all that said, how exactly has it faired with reviewers?
Well, so far the reaction from the critics is mixed. Not a hideous stink bomb on the level of The Lone Ranger, but it also may not be the big blockbuster Warner Brothers is hoping for either. (Kanye West actually broke the review embargo by tweeting that he dug the movie, but please don’t let that influence your ticket buying decision this weekend, okay?)
The Hollywood Reporter has called it, “A better-and-smarter-than average humans-vs-monster spectacular,” and it’s “derivative yet imaginative,” as well as “everything monster movies since the beginning of time might have wished they could be.” 
The word “noisy” popped up a lot in reviews, and you know this movie will be extremely loud when you see it this weekend. Variety called it “the loudest movie of Guillermo del Toro’s career,” and while it packages itself as “unpretentious, unapologetic fun Variety also felt it was “the squarest, clunkiest and loudest movie of Guillermo del Toro’s career, a crushed-metal orgy that plays like an extended 3D episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on very expensive acid.” (Like that’s a bad thing…) 
Reviews on the geek sites have mostly been positive, and the most negative review comes from The Wrap, which notes that Pacific Rim “offers a few laughs and a few thrills, but it feels like a very large platter serving a disappointingly meager meal.” 
Ultimately, the fans will be the final judge, jury and possible executioner at the box office this weekend, but if Pacific Rim offers big, dumb, high tech fun where you can turn off your brain for two hours and have a great time, what’s wrong with that?