From Terminator to Toxic Avenger

Posted by David Konow

We all know that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s career has seen better days, but the guy’s now a senior citizen, what did we expect? A decade ago when he realized his days as an action star were numbered, he reinvented himself as a politician, and let’s face it, if you’re still trying to be an action hero stud in your sixties, it can be embarrassing.

Recently the Terminator rights were bought by Megan and David Ellison, the offspring of Oracle founder Larry Ellison, and they have a time limit of 2018 to get the franchise up and running before the rights run out. Now while we can’t picture Arnold doing this role in his 70s, Deadline has informed us that he is “in talks,” as they say in Hollywood, to star in The Toxic Avenger reboot.

You may recall The Toxic Avenger, it was a pretty funny, no budget B movie from the eighties about a nerd who becomes a superhero after falling in a vat of radioactive waste. Oddly enough, you’d think Arnold would play Toxie, but he’s up for another role, The Exterminator, who trains the Avenger to use his powers to fight crime and make the world better.
The project will be up for sale at the Cannes Film Festival, and the Toxic Avenger remake will be directed by Steve Pink, who helmed the Hot Tub Time Machine movies. While Arnold usually hasn’t done well in straight ahead comedies, he does have a nice comic touch, and if this role is a goof on his usual action star persona, it could be fun.
The original Toxic Avenger isn’t a masterpiece by any means, but considering it probably cost $12 to make, it was a fun comedy with a lot of dark and pretty tasteless comedy. The main role of Toxie could be enormous fun for whoever gets that one, and perhaps Arnold can make a good comic foil as well. 
Back in the day, Arnold probably would have been cast in the Toxie role, but I have a hard time seeing him playing a nerd before he transforms into a toxic garbage superhero. Actually a superhero made out of toxic waste probably wouldn’t have been up his alley either, but it would have been a lot of fun to see him take on the flip side of something like The Terminator. 
So we’ll see if this one makes the finish line, and it could indeed be a hoot to see the Toxic Avenger back again. (We also hope it will be a guy in a suit, because a full blown CGI or motion capture Toxic Avenger would be too high tech for this kind of thing.)