Ben Kingsley ready to tear it up in Iron Man 3 and Enders Game

Posted by David Konow

Lately, you can't help but get the feeling that quite a lot of serious, award winning actors secretly want to do a geek role.

As much as they love reciting Shakespeare, it also has to be such fun to put on Hobbit ears,  have your own action figure at Toys R Us, or play a Starfleet officer. 

Now when you think of great geek roles, Ben Kingsley doesn’t immediately come to mind. This is the guy who played Gandhi and starred in Schindler’s List for goodness sake, but it turns out he also has an inner geek, and he’s an Avengers fan. How cool is that? 
“I jumped at it immediately,” Kingsley told Collider. “It was offered to me very beautifully. (Marvel Studios President of Production) Kevin Feige talked me through the arc of the character and the journey. The style of the film I was sort of acquainted with because of Iron Man 1 and 2 and The Avengers. I love their style. Confident, witty, multi-layered, I love that style. So I jumped at it very fast.” 
Again, you’d think a lot of these guys would be totally bourgeois, but they like big, fun action movies just like the rest of us. And as Kingsley proved with Sexy Beast, he makes a hell of a villain, which is why we’re dying to see him play the Mandarin. 
Now according to a poll on Fandango, Iron Man 3 is the most anticipated movie of the summer, which at first we thought was a very bold claim, especially with Star Trek and Man of Steel also coming up. But according to the Hollywood Reporter, Iron Man 3 has already made $195 million overseas, beating out The Avengers, which had a $185 million international debut. Could Iron Man 3 actually be a bigger movie than The Avengers at the box office? Is such a thing even possible? 
Kingsley is also in Enders Game, playing Mazer Rackham, and as he said of one of the most anticipated genre films of the year, “That’s a very exciting franchise. Wishing to spread and diversify into all the wonderful opportunities that are offered to actors, it’s thrilling to be part of these franchises, and into that science fictional world. It’s quite wonderful.” 
Starring in both Iron Man 3 and Enders Game, that’s a geek pair that beats a full house. Look for Iron Man 3 this Friday, May 3, and Enders Game on November 1.