Before the dawn of Star Trek Into Darkness

Posted by David Konow

We’re just about three weeks away from Star Trek Into Darkness, and soon the public will be making the final decision whether it was worth the wait or not.

So far the early reviews have been pretty good, and it’s sure to make a ton of money, but with JJ Abrams taking over Star Wars, it remains unclear who will be in charge of Trek from here on out. 

Variety tells us that according to the tracking for the next Trek film, it could, as the irresistible cliché tells us, could “go where no Star Trek has gone before at the domestic box office.” It’s currently on track for a predicted $85 million weekend, which the industry trade tells us could “mark a record for the sci-fi franchise.” 
Oddly enough, considering how much the American film industry is depending on foreign box office these days, especially in China, the first JJ Abrams Trek didn’t do that well overseas. It’s odd to think that Trek wouldn’t be a world-wide phenomenon, but maybe its biggest audience is indeed in the States. (In comparison, Iron Man 3 has already made a ton of money overseas, and it’s already a major hit before it even reaches American screens this Friday.) 
From the reviews we’ve seen so far, the new Trek is fun, but apparently it’s also a darker turn for the franchise, hence the “Darkness” in the title. As Chris Pine explained to the L.A. Times, ironically before the Boston bombing, “This film is about earthbound terror. It’s about terrorism, about issues we as human beings in 2013 deal with every day, about the exploitation of fear to take advantage of a population…”
The next Trek is also about the Enterprise crew trying to grow as a family, and as Zachary Quinto explains, “In this movie, Kirk really needs to learn about how to be a captain, not just sit in the captain’s chair, and Spock needs to learn how to be a friend, not just be accountable and reliable and responsible. In the first movie, it was about all of us coming together, unifying to defeat an enemy. This movie is more about the way an enemy splits us apart. We have to divide in order to conquer in this film.” 
Like many big blockbusters these days, you’ll be able to see Star Trek Into Darkness several days early in IMAX, and an hour of the movie was reportedly shot in the format. Look for Trek in IMAX on May 15, and in all other formats on May 17.