Reviews for the Star Trek video game are in

Posted by David Konow

Several days ago, the reviews finally got out in the geek-o-sphere for the next Star Trek movie, and so far they’re pretty good.

It may not be the sequel that takes the series to the next level, a la Empire Strikes Back, but from what we can gather it’s thankfully not a disaster. Most of the reviews are in the three and a half stars out of five range, which is pretty good all things considered. 

But apparently the same can’t be said for the reviews for the Star Trek video game, which had been in development in conjunction with the game. We were especially excited about this game because finally the Gorn were being done right, and at least that’s been taken to the next level, leaving the silly lizard costume of the show behind. (As much as we happen to love the hilarious Kirk vs Gorn battle that’s usually billed on YouTube as Worst Fight Scene ever).
While the Wall Street Journal does like the Star Trek game and recommends it "as one of the more entertaining games to come out this year," at the same time, "there’s nothing spectacularly new or amazing about [it], and if you’re not a big fan of the Star Trek franchise, you may find it a bit unimaginative or dated."
Metacritic gave it a 38 out of 100 from "general unfavorable reviews based on 4 critics." Metacritic quoted Post Arcade saying the game "has given story-starved Trekkies a good little narrative wrapped tightly within a not very good game." The Globe and Mail were even less kind, writing, "At best it’s a mess that looks and feels dated, and at worst it is frustrating and unplayable."
Metacritic also quoted a fan who wrote, "This is a dark day for my gaming world. I’m a huge Trek fan so this hurts even more…" At the same time, to counter the 38 negative reviews that Metacritic gathered, the new Trek game also had 21 positive reviews. 
So while it’s a relief that the next Star Trek movie will probably deliver when it comes out on May 17, it’s too bad that judging by the reviews the game may not make the ideal companion piece. The powers that be certainly put a lot of work and effort into it, and USA Today tells us that over 3,500 lines of dialogue were recorded for the game with the original cast, and a 100 piece orchestra did the soundtrack, led by long time Abrams composer Michael Giacchino. That, and the Gorn alone should make this game at least worthy of a few plays before making any final judgments.