Will Matthew McConaughey go Interstellar for Christopher Nolan?

Posted by David Konow
I can still remember when Matthew McConaughey first broke through big in 1996 with A Time to Kill, although he also got a lot of good notices for Dazed and Confused.
He was the hot new movie star on the block for one moment, then seemed to follow a similar trajectory to Burt Reynolds and Billy Bob Thornton - talented Southern actors who ruined their careers by doing too many stupid redneck movies. 
So I was genuinely surprised to see on Deadline that McConaughey has been offered the lead role in Christopher Nolan’s next film, Interstellar.

As we’ve reported here on TG, now that Nolan is officially out of the Batman business, his next film will be a sci-fi film about wormholes that he’s been working on with his long-time writing partner, Jonathan Nolan. 

Deadline also gave us another little tidbit, the lead character is named Cooper. The genesis for this project began back in 2006, and it has its roots with Steven Spielberg, who got the idea for Kip S. Thorne, a physicist and relativity expert from Caltech. Thorne believes that wormholes do indeed exist and could be used for time travel, so something tells us something involving time travel could be part, if not a big part, of the story. (Just speculation on our part, but Nolan doing a time travel story could be too cool to resist).
That’s about all you’re going to get for right now, because as we saw with The Dark Knight Rises, and many other movies modern day, secrecy is a given. In fact, Mike Fleming, one of the best reporters in the biz, wrote on Deadline that "getting details on a Nolan project is more difficult than getting the line on the Pope selection process."
While this may seem like a weird turn for McConaughey, he has done sci-fi before, namely the long awaited but ultimately lack-luster big screen adaptation of Carl Sagan’s novel Contact. You would also think that Christian Bale would still be Nolan’s go to guy to star in his films, much like Scorsese and DeNiro, and who knows? McConaughey’s been offered the role, but there’s no official word if the deal will ultimately close or not. 
In any event, we’d love to see what Nolan could do in the sci-fi genre, and we’re looking forward to seeing Interstellar, which Paramount plans to release Thanksgiving weekend next year.