Revolution is back strong

Posted by David Konow

Just when the show Revolution was really hitting its stride, it went on hiatus. A scenario like this would probably be a disaster for many shows, just like moving around a time slot would end up losing your audience as well.

So now that Revolution finally returned this past Monday, how did it do in the ratings?

Apparently pretty well, to the point where several news headlines have pointed to the show giving a much needed boost to NBC. The New York Times blogged, "NBC Lures Back Viewers with The Voice and Revolution," and Variety reports that Revolution’s ratings upon the show’s return are "solid."
The Voice is of course an important "lead in" show, as they say in TV speak, but again, Revolution definitely has a nice sized audience and fan base on its own that should end up doing just fine without a lead in soon enough. (The Voice and Revolution are also a bizarre back to back show line up that you would think wouldn’t have the same audiences anyways).
As Slate tells us, the last episode of the show before going on hiatus brought in 8.7 million viewers, and it also had 69% more viewers from DVR views. Upon its return on March 25, the Washington Post confirms Revolution and the Voice captured the crucial 18 to 49 year old audience for its timeslot, with Revolution bringing in 7.03 million viewers. This is a little down from last time, but still solid as Variety notes. 
So apparently the JJ Abrams produced Revolution, which debuted last September, is still doing pretty well, and is no danger of hitting a power failure any time soon from what we can gather. (Yes, that’s a very cliché line, but I guess I just had to write it.) It’s also apparently providing some much needed ratings relief to NBC as they’re going through more Tonight Show drama with Jay Leno, and it’s good to see genre TV still going strong.