American McGee says Sony's PS4 is "meh"

Posted by Trent Nouveau

Long-time developer American McGee says he remains unimpressed by Sony's recent PlayStation 4 announcement.

"I was hoping for innovation in control input. Didn't see anything meaningful, so 'meh,'" he told Forbes.

"It's nice that they're moving towards what looks like more developer-friendly hardware and indie friendly distribution. Remains to be seen if the appearance matches reality. Overall, I think this generation of consoles will struggle painfully against the momentum of mobile/online games we're seeing globally."

According to McGee, mobile is the space where the real gaming excitement is to be found, with new interfaces and devices like the Oculus Rift setting the pace for next-gen titles.

"Ultimately, people are going to choose based on power, size and convenience - and I think we're going to see devices emerging which change their form, function and interface depending on where or for what they're being used," he opined.

"More than anything it's interface that's going to drive the most significant change - things like Oculus Rift will radically change people's demands and expectations - that's where the real revolution is going to start. Nothing will be able to compete with full immersion and seamless interface being powered by a processor stack in your pocket."

Of course, American McGee isn't alone in his criticism of the PS4, as Nvidia spokesperson Tony Tamasi recently noted that compared to gaming rigs, the PS4 specs are in the neighborhood of low-end CPU, with a low- to mid-range GPU side.

"If the PS4 ships in December as Sony indicated, it will only offer about half the performance of a GTX680 GPU (based on GFLOPS and texture), which launched in March 2012, more than a year and a half ago," Tamasi told TechRadar.
"What you get today in terms of [console] performance is what you're stuck with five - 10 years down the road."
The Nvidia spokesperson was also quick to point out that consoles, by definition, were closed platforms and therefore not upgradeable.

"They are open and can be upgraded at any time to harness the power of newer GPUs for more performance and to take advantage of newer, modern graphics technologies.

"If history predicts the future, then these next-generation consoles, while being more powerful than the current ones, will very quickly end up more than an order of magnitude behind the PC," Tamasi concluded.