Will Bryan Singer assume control of Star Trek?

Posted by David Konow

When it was announced that JJ Abrams will be directing the next Star Wars movie, many wondered if Abrams could handle both SW and Star Trek. Would the decision hold Trek back for years? And who could take over if Abrams absconded? 

There’s no definitive answers right now, and the geeks all love to draw up fantasy lists of who could take over this or that movie. Recently the question was posed to Bryan Singer, who will soon be helming the next installment of X-Men, Days of Future Past. Singer would also make an interesting choice to take over the Trek franchise as well, although again, no decisions have been made as to who could eventually take over the Trek franchise.
As Giant Freakin Robot reports, IGN posed the question to Singer hypothetically. He’s a big Star Trek fan, but would he be willing to head over to another franchise? As Singer explained, he’s now jumping back into his own with X-Men, but diving into Trek would be a much different river for sure. 
“It was very tough when Brett Ratner did it with mine,” Singer explained. “You’re held to a very, very tough standard when you’re jumping into somebody else’s franchise. It’s a very scary thing to do cause they’re waiting to judge you. Sometimes it works like Aliens.” 
As it turns out, Singer and JJ Abrams are friends, and Bryan visited the set of Into Darkness, “which was really cool and it looks really awesome. That would be the most fun part, to work with those people and to work with the lore that I love. The pressure of doing it would freak me out. Or might freak me out. That being said, if someone presented a story and a structure and the original director was supporting you, then maybe it would be a great experience.”
So who knows what the future will hold for Trek, but for the immediate future, we’ve got Into Darkness finally hitting theaters on May 17. Abrams should be up to his ears in Star Wars by now, and having to think about two of the biggest sci-fi franchises in history would probably cause him to spontaneously explode, like the drummer in Spinal Tap. I’m sure there will be a succession plan for Trek soon, just like Lucas had with Star Wars, but in the meantime, make sure to live in the moment and enjoy Into Darkness when it’s finally unleashed.