First reviews are in for the Evil Dead remake

Posted by David Konow

Next month the remake of one of the most beloved horror films in history, Evil Dead, is slated to hit theaters across the country.

While we saw the trailer and thought it left a lot to be desired, we always promise to keep the most open mind possible until we actually see an upcoming movie.

In fact, the Evil Dead remake just screened at the South By Southwest film festival, and already reviews are coming in. The verdict so far?

The Evil Dead reboot could actually be a winner. The Washington Post reports the film played to an "adoring crowd. The mix of fire hose blood spray, psychological terror and black humor remain true to the campy original."

Rob Tapert, who produced the original Dead films with Raimi and Bruce Campbell, said, "You need to see this with other people, where you can yell and scream. There needs to be a party atmosphere," which is apparently what greeted it at SXSW. 
The horror site Bloody Disgusting called the new model Dead "a thrillingly gory blast," and "most certainly a remake done right." Shock Til You Drop also tells us that the new Dead "is not a recreation of or homage to the original…It is generally its own animal." At the same time, Shock Til You Drop wasn’t nuts about the film, rating it 6 out of 10 and calling it "vapid and vacuous."
Still, Cinema Blend was also skeptical about a remake, but they enjoyed the film enormously, calling it "the definition of crowd-pleasure and a hell of a ride." Collider also wrote the film "lets loose violence beyond all reason. It’s a crowd pleaser that will leave gore-hounds stuffed, but we should all be somewhat shaken by the gruesome feast Evil Dead asks us to devour."
So the reviews so far are more positive than negative, and apparently the screening went well enough that newcomer Fede Alvarez, who helmed the new Dead, announced to Entertainment Weekly that there will be a sequel. Look for the new Evil Dead on April 5, and perhaps a sequel in the near future as well.