Behind Star Trek - the video game

Posted by David Konow

We’re still a few months away from Star Trek Into Darkness, which comes out on May 17, but there’s the prequel graphic novel, and soon there will be the video game to tide us over until the movie finally hits theaters.

While it’s still too early in the year to tell, this could be a great year for video games, and the gaming market had a great boost last quarter with Call of Duty Black Ops 2. Could Trek also help take things over the top for games? 

Well, we’re still a ways from the game as well. As Entertainment Weekly reminds us, Star Trek: The Video Game goes live on April 23, and it will be available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Microsoft Windows PC. As writer Geoff Boucher points out, this is the first time a game has been financed and released by Paramount Pictures.
Star Trek is still Paramount’s biggest franchise, and as one studio exec told EW, "For us it represents a huge investment in Star Trek. We wanted to make sure the game was a triple-A game, something Star Trek deserves and frankly may not have gotten for the last several decades." So could this reinvent Trek games on the same level that JJ Abrams reinvented the Trek movies? 
Again, the game’s a few months from coming out, but the current Star Trek cast, including Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, and more, have all provided their voices for the game. As the Paramount exec told Boucher, Abrams did such a great job with reinventing the franchise, “We said, ‘Listen we should really make the ultimate Star Trek Game. For us [the challenge] was: How do we make a game that is truly worth of the new reboot and the new interest in the franchise?”
For Paramount, the answer was to develop and fund the game in house, and have the creative powers of Team Abrams work as consultants. Much like the current Trek graphic novel fills in the space between the 2009 movie and Into Darkness, Trek screenwriter Roberto Orci told EW the game is also "intended to be a mission that could happen between the 2009 film and 2013 film. We really wanted it to be relevant and to be a continuation of the events of the opening film and to track with the 2013 Trek." 
What’s also amusing to this TG contributor is how the game updated the Gorn. Several years ago, the Gorn battle was put on YouTube as Worst Fight Scene Ever. It’s gotten over twelve million views, and it’s hysterical to watch today. Checking out the look of the Gorn in the game, the creature has sure come a long way since its loin-cloth TV origins. 
It will also be interesting to see how the game does in this year’s market. The gaming business is certainly very mercurial, but there’s a lot of big titles coming this year, including the next GTA, and the reboot of Tomb Raider, just to name a few. Things should really start heating up for the market by the time Star Trek: the Video Game is ready, and the success of the film should help build some strong synergy for the game to feed off as well.