Tamagotchi resurrected as an Android app

  • Bandai has released an Android app based on the original virtual pet in honor of its 16th anniversary.

    For the uninitiated, the Tamagotchi was a 90's electronic toy that can best be described as an egg-shaped device which thrived or died based on the level of the player's attention or  devotion.

    The free app - dubbed Tamagotchi (Love Is Fun Everywhere) by Bandai - is currently available in Google's Play Store for Android smartphones and tablets.

    Interestingly, gameplay is divided into two separate modes: a virtual emulation of the original toy and a new full-screen, touch-enabled mode.

    The Toy Mode is clearly designed to attract adults nostalgic for the 90's, while the touch-enabled screen will undoubtedly appeal to a new generation of Tamagotchi fans.

    As expected, there is also a bundle of modern features for everyone's favorite toy, including sharing via Facebook, a virtual collection of multiple pets, as well as the ability unlock freshwallpapers and virtual shells.

    In addition to the above-mentioned Android version, the virtual Tamagotchi will soon be available for iOS devices as well.