Finding Nemo 2 is a go

Posted by David Konow

While many feel that Pixar has been slipping in recent years, there’s no doubt when the company was in its prime, they delivered amazing, state of the art work with a lot of heart.

While many of their best works are great stand alone films, there’s always the temptation to continue the stories, especially when they made a ton of money, and that’s exactly what Pixar’s doing with Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo.

The sequel to Monsters Inc, Monsters University, is due on June 21, and now a major element for the next Finding Nemo is in place, namely the brilliant comedian Albert Brooks, who provided the voice of Marlin. As Deadline reports, director Andrew Stanton is going back to the safer waters of Nemo 2 after he got his ass whupped at the box office with his live action debut, John Carter. 
Part of Stanton’s deal is he’ll be allowed to direct another live action film after Nemo 2, which may be a bargaining chip, much like Christopher Nolan came back for the Dark Knight Rises on the condition he could make (gasp!) an original movie with Inception, and Michael Bay finally came back for Transformers 4 when Paramount let him make a smaller, darker comedy with Pain and Gain. 
Ellen DeGeneres is going to come back to voice Dori, but it took a little longer to bring Albert Brooks back to the fold. Deadline confirms he’s "closed a fat deal," but the report doesn’t have any details of what kind of offer Brooks couldn’t refuse. Brooks is also working on a follow up to his best-selling science fiction novel, Twenty Thirty: The Real Story of What Happened to America.
While Deadline wondered when Brooks could one day return with one of his wonderfully personal and brilliant comedies, and we’d love to see that again ourselves one day, as Brooks is absolutely a welcome, and necessary, return to Nemo’s ocean, and he’s sure to provide great hilarity to the story, like he did with the first installment. 
As for whether there should be another Finding Nemo movie, after all, why potentially screw up a great thing, we’ll find out somewhere down the road whether it was worth the effort and time. Can further installments in Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc help bring Pixar back to glory? Again, only time will tell with both, but according to IndieWire, we probably won’t see another Nemo until 2016.