More Khan-fusion with Star Trek Into Darkness

Posted by David Konow

Didn’t we straighten all this out already with the Star Trek villain? 

In Star Trek Into Darkness, the long awaited sequel to JJ Abrams’s 2009 reboot, Benedict Cumberbatch is not playing Khan or Gary Mitchell, he’s playing some guy named John Harrison. Right?
Well, once again, there’s more villain speculation that Benedict Cumberbatch could actually be playing Khan. And again, we thought this was all settled, and maybe it’s just to confuse people, but first we saw a small item on Collider that speculated the villain could actually be Khan after all. Why? In the recent TV commercial he says, "I am better…at everything." 
Okay, maybe that’s not such a huge giveaway, but as the publication points out, "Khan is a genetically enhanced individual," and "this bit of dialogue jibes with the idea of Cumberbatch actually being Khan." 
Then i09 ran a story about what Entertainment Weekly posted on its website in regards to their current cover story on the film, and the "feverish online speculation since the day it was announced – most of it about whether or not the film’s resident baddie, John Harrison, is actually the infamous super villain Khan." Then when you go to Entertainment Weekly’s Back Issues Store on their website, the headline for the issue says: "Voyage Into the New Star Trek Kirk & Khan." 
So this has the net search engines cranking over time. "Is Benedict Cumberbatch Khan after all?," read the Entertainmentwise headline. Perezhilton’s headline reads: “Ooops! Entertainment Weekly Accidentally SPOILS the identity of new Star Trek character.”

So yes, if all this is to keep everyone guessing until the movie actually comes out, they’re doing a very good job of it. 

While we don’t know for certain who the villain is because nobody’s going to actually see the movie for a while, we think it would have been obvious from the trailer and the first nine minutes that have screened on IMAX that the villain’s this John Harrison guy. Right? We’ll know for sure on May 17 when Star Trek Into Darkness is finally out in the world for all to enjoy.