DayZ Standalone delayed, release date unknown

Posted by Trent Nouveau

Bohemia Interactive has confirmed that it is delaying the long-awaited release of the stand-alone DayZ. 

"Put simply, DayZ Standalone isn't here because we had the chance to go from making a game that was just the mod improved slightly, packaged simply, and sold - to actually redeveloping the engine and making the game the way we all dreamed it could be.This blew any initial plans we had dictated to pieces," project lead Dean Hall explained in an open letter.

"The plan from here is straightforward. We will be releasing a closed test imminently, during which approximately 500-1000 people will assist in ensuring our architecture is correctly functioning. This closed test will be focused purely on architecture, not the game design. Once we have confirmed fixes for issues arising from the closed test, we will then reschedule an internal date for our public release."

According to Hall, one of the most profound and major architectural changes of the game has successfully been implemented: the overhaul of the inventory system.

"In fact, the inventory and item management system was completely removed and rewritten from the ground by Jirka, one of the original engine programmers. The work that has been completed on this groundbreaking, and it going to fundamentally change the DayZ experience," he said.

"You scavenge for items now, as individual parts, picking up pieces rather than piles, looking for cans on shelves or under beds. The new system opens the door for durability of items, disease tracking (cholera lingering on clothes a player wears…), batteries, add-on components, and much more. If you shoot a player in the head to take his night vision, you will damage the night vision. The changes to this inventory system are huge."

Unfortunately, Bohemia Interactive is not yet ready to release "meaningful" videos or screenshots of the system, even if the base architecture is working in-game.

"Likely, the first that will come out about the inventory system will be during the closed test when people are actually using it," Hall added.

As most FPS gamers probably already know, DayZ actually started off as a mod for ArmA II and was subsequently picked up by Bohemia Interactive to be turned into a standalone game title.