Microsoft starts E3 2013 Xbox 720 countdown

Posted by Trent Nouveau

Microsoft's long-awaited Xbox 720 is apparently set to debut at E3 2013 this June in Los Angeles.

Indeed, the next-gen console was teased by none other than Redmond's Major Nelson, who posted an official countdown box on a Microsoft Xbox site. As of January 2nd, there are 159 days left until the console is officially unveiled at the event.


Although Microsoft has yet to publish official specs, reports indicate that Redmond's next-gen Xbox will boast advanced augmented reality capabilities, directional sound and a four-player finger-tracking Kinect (2.0).

In addition, the editor in chief of Xbox World recently leaked some additional details in honor of the magazine's final issue.

According to Dan Dawkins via CVG, the 720 will also feature a Blu-ray drive, directional audio, a TV output and input, an 'innovative controller' and even AR glasses at an unspecified post-launch date.

While Dawkins didn't disclose final specs, he did note that the current version of the Xbox 720 Durango developer kit was equipped with a CPU loaded with four hardware cores - each divided into four logical cores along with 8GB of RAM.

Meanwhile, Charlie Demerjian of SemiAccurate is reporting that the Oban chip tapped to power the 720 has taped out, with final customer silicon "likely" to have kicked off production as well.

"Our sources were very specific about the date, and if bugs, yield, and other various and sundry problems were worked out like Microsoft planned, the end is in sight," Demerjian explained.

"While we have not definitively heard about a go/no go wafer in decision, if Microsoft is going to launch their next generation console this year, they almost assuredly made the December 31 date. Any delay of more than a few weeks will mean no new console in 2013, there just won't be enough time to make them."

So while Microsoft is set to unveil the Xbox 720 at E3 2013 in June, it remains unclear as to when the console will be available to the general public. However, it is probably safe to assume the next-gen system will likely launch in time for the holiday season, meaning sometime between October-November of 2013.