The most anticipated genre films of 2013

Posted by David Konow

We had a great year of genre films in 2012, but there are quite a number of movies we're anticipating in ‘13 as well. 

As most cinema fans know, certain genres hit the theaters during certain seasons. For example, Oscar bait is usually reserved for the end of the year, the summer blockbuster season typically begins in May, and the beginning of the year is often a dead zone. However, some filmmakers take advantage of the months where usually nothing but crap is released, and sneak in a winner when no one’s looking. 

Right now the most anticipated genre film this year has got to be Star Trek Into Darkness. JJ Abrams has done a very good job at giving the public just enough to keep them satisfied so they don’t explode from geek angst. If the movie delivers, and so far it looks pretty damn good, Abrams will be two for two in reinventing one of sci-fi’s greatest franchises. There’s also great hope that #2 could blow away the first one, much like the Wrath of Khan really kicked the Trek flicks into gear. 

The summer season will pretty much kick off with Oblivion on April 19, which stars Tom Cruise, and is directed by Tron Legacy’s Joseph Kosinski. It looks a bit like the next M Night Shyamalan flick, After Earth, which is coming in June. And like a lot of blockbusters these days, Oblivion is going to the biggest screens possible with an IMAX release. 

April’s also going to be an interesting time for horror, because the remakes of two classics, Evil Dead and Carrie, will be out in the world. While it doesn’t seem like the evil eye of the geeks is on Carrie yet, the new Evil Dead still has a ways to go before it wins over the fans, who are still pretty skeptical, even with Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi’s endorsement.
Then comes Iron Man 3 on May 3, which like The Dark Knight Rises, may have a more serious Tony Stark this time around. There’s also a new director at the helm with Shane Black, the screenwriter of Lethal Weapon, and Ben Kingsley as Mandarin. 
There’s also going to be two apocalypse comedies this year, This Is the End, which will be directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, where the all star comedy cast (including Rogen, James Franco, Jonah Hill, and Paul Rudd), will play themselves as the world is coming to an end. The second Armageddon comedy, coming later in the year, is Edgar Wright’s long awaited return, The World’s End. 
Besides Star Trek, the other two hotly awaited flicks this summer have to be Man of Steel and Pacific Rim. While Christopher Nolan is producing Steel, which is a big plus, director Zack Snyder has a bit to make up for coming off Sucker Punch, so here’s hoping he can redeem himself with this Superman reboot. The second most awaited film of the summer is Guillermo Del Toro’s long awaited return, Pacific Rim, his first foray into epic sci-fi, and if the movie delivers, it shouldn’t be his last. 
This summer will also show if Pixar can deliver with Monsters University in June. Pixar hasn’t really knocked a movie out of the park in some time, and some feel they’ve gone to the dark side with the Cars films, which are clearly more about selling toys instead of delivering great animation. Brave was also considered decent to mediocre by most reviewers, and certainly nothing up to the company’s previous standards. 
This summer also brings us Kick Ass 2, where Jim Carrey plays a role, the next Wolverine film, and the next film from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp, Elysium. Like District 9, Elysium uses sci-fi as the Trojan horse to give the audience a much deeper message than the usual genre fare. 
But greatly anticipated genre doesn’t end with the summer. October brings us the long awaited sequel to Sin City, A Dame to Kill For. This November will also bring us the long awaited big screen adaptation of Ender’s Game, Thor The Dark World, and the next Hunger Games installment, Catching Fire.

And 2013 will end just as 2012 ended, with The Hobbit, the Desolation of Smaug, where Benedict Cumberbatch, the new Star Trek villain, will also embody the famous Tolkien dragon.