Walking Dead wins big at the 10th annual video game awards

Posted by David Konow

The third season of the Walking Dead is a big winner on cable, and it’s also a big winner in the gaming world.

At the 10th Video Game Awards on Spike TV on December 7, The Walking Dead not only won Game of the Year, but it also clinched four other major awards as well. 

Yes, The Walking Dead also won Best Performance By a Human Female (Melissa Hutchinson for performing the character of Clementine in Dead), Best Adapted Video Game, and Best Downloadable Game. The game company that put out The Walking Dead, Telltale Games, won Studio of the Year.
Walking Dead beat out such heavy hitters as Assassin’s Creed 3, and Mass Effect 3. The Times also mentioned that Telltale has moved well with the times, providing games for smartphones and tablets for less money. You can download episodes of the Walking Dead game for $24.99, and it reportedly plays as well on your iPad as it does on Xbox. With players expecting more depth in games, The Walking Dead games have also been stimulating on a story and character level as well. 
As Telltale’s cofounder Dan Connors told the LA Times, "The headroom right now is in character interaction…More sophisticated characters, and character who are intelligent, are going to change games and make games more accessible to more people."
The Video Game Awards was hosted by Samuel L. Jackson, his fourth time hosting the event. Jackson came out waving a Halo 4 gun, and he also cursed up a storm. As Entertainment Weekly reports, Jackson said, “Whoever’s in charge of the bleep button, keep your finger ready.” Other celebrities on hand were cast members from the Walking Dead show, Jack Black and Tenacious D, Jessica Alba, and Zoe Saldana. 
Other big winners this year were Halo 4 for Best Xbox 360 Game and Best Graphics, Borderlands 2 for Best Shooter, Mass Effect 3 for Best RPG, and Half Life 2 for Game of the Decade.