Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray hits on December 3

Posted by David Konow

It was one of the most anticipated films in a long time, as Dark Knight Rises was the third and final Christopher Nolan / Christian Bale Batman film.

And as we’ve reported on TG, The Dark Knight Rises is one of a handful of films in history that’s reached over a billion dollars world-wide.

Reviews and fan reaction to The Dark Knight Rises ran the gamut. Some reviewers felt it was the best of the three Bale / Nolan Batmans, while others, like myself, felt the movie would have been better if some of the bloat was cut down. Not to mention Bane’s voice, which divided many Bat-fans. (There are also many fans imitating him all over YouTube).

While The Dark Knight will probably always be the best of the series, I definitely want to give Rises a second chance at home, which won’t be too long from now. As Collider announced, the home release for Rises is slated for December 3, and the site also put an interesting rumor to rest. A story was going around there was a director’s cut of Rises, and 30 extra minutes of the film would be on the home release.

This alleged director’s cut was going to show the origin of Bane, where he’s wearing an early version of the mask and is being attacked, possibly in the pit that Batman had to escape. As you may recall, Collider wasn’t that sure about the rumor to begin with, reminding readers that Nolan doesn’t do directors cuts, or put out deleted scenes. Not to mention that Rises is 164 minutes long, and Nolan was limited by how much film could fit on the reels for IMAX 70mm.

Now that Rises is near its home release, it will be fun to watch all the Nolan Batmans together, and I’m sure Warners will put them all together in special box sets, keeping the Bat-legacy going for a long time to come. Again, The Dark Knight will always be the best of the series, but I’m looking forward to revisiting Rises again, taking it all in at a more leisurely pace, and seeing how I like it six months removed from the initial release.