Blade Runner anniversary Blu-ray to hit in October

Posted by David Konow

This summer marks the 30th anniversary of one of the greatest in genre history at the movies. 

And of course, Blade Runner was one of those movies, way back in the summer of '82.

True, the film didn't do well at the box office initially, but it's influence and impact at the movies is everywhere today.

Even watching The Dark Knight Rises, seeing Batman's plane, you can see Christopher Nolan mimicking the shots of the flying cars in Blade Runner, and it's indeed one of his all time favorite films.

Blade Runner anniversary Blu-ray to hit in October
So now to celebrate Blade Runner's anniversary, Cinema Blend confirms there is going to be another special Blu-ray version of the classic genre film hitting shelves on October 23. 

Yes, there are currently multiple versions of Blade Runner out there, including several Blu-ray editions, but knowing quite a few Blade Runner fanbois myself, the obsession for this film runs deep, and I'm sure they'll want this one as well.
As far as this particular Blu-ray goes, it will be a four disc version that has five versions of the film, including the movie's work print. (Not sure how often a work print of a film has been out on DVD or Blu-ray, but it's an interesting idea that can show viewers how the final film can grow from an early version). And again, the fan obsession for Blade Runner is so deep, you could probably include every foot of film that was shot, and the fans will watch it.

Other goodies? Two books that go behind the scenes on the film, and a little model of the aforementioned flying car. This package includes Blade Runner on Blu-ray, DVD and Ultra Violet, which Hollywood is trying to push as the next format, and over 1,000 stills from the film you can view in hi-def.
The price for this deluxe package is $65, and maybe it's that flying car, or "spinner" as it's called, that may have put the price over the edge a bit, but if you're a Blade Runner fan, you'll pay the extra fare, and pay it gladly.