The geek burlesque of Total Recall

Posted by David Konow

We recently ran a report about how women are geeking out more than ever. 

There was definitely a strong female presence at Comic-Con San Diego this year, and women have been getting into geek stuff more and more over the years. But is geek now hip in the strip clubs?

Well, it seems so, at least judging by the following headline on Entertainment Weekly which grabbed my attention: "Game of Thrones, Mad Men, and Doctor Who Spoofed in Burlesque Show." 

Okay, technically speaking Mad Men isn't geek, but Thrones and Doctor Who sure are, and EW calls this "a makeunder" by a burlesque group in New York called Hotsy Totsy Burlesque that performs in New York City at the R-Bar on the Lower East Side.

Although t
This troupe rotates who they pay tribute to every week, it sill has got to be proof positive that Game of Thrones is the hottest show around, because what other shows are strippers emulating in their acts?

The guy behind the show, Joseph Naftali, who also goes by the nickname Joe the Shark, told EW, "It's an easier marketing job when you're referring to something that everybody knows."

Upcoming shows also include tributes to The Avengers (surprised?), Star Trek, and they also had a Harry Potter show.

In other related geek burlesque news, it seems as everyone is in a tizzy about the three-boobed woman from Total Recall.

As you may recall, she was the talk of the first film with Arnold Schwarzenegger and her reboot counterpart Kaitlyn Leeb seems to be receiving the same treatment. 

In fact, you can see her in the commercials, from the neck up of course, and the Hollywood Reporter even ran a story in which had to remind people (duh) the implants were fake.

This reminds me of the story I read in Time where after a screening of Boogie Nights, people followed Mark Wahlberg into the bathroom to see if that really wasn't his foot below the belt. 

Both cases prove why we still need good make-up artists, because you really can't make a convincing three boobed-woman without it.