Star Trek 2 villain is still an enigma

Posted by David Konow

The villain in JJ Abrams's Star Trek 2 may have been revealed by Karl Urban (aka Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy), who also plays Judge Dredd.

In promoting the reboot, Urban let it "slip" that Gary Mitchell, who was the villain in the original Star Trek with Team Shatner, will be returning in the new model Trek 2.

Unsurprisingly, screenwriter Roberto Orci now claims Urban's villain slip is just plan wrong. As asks rhetorically, "Karl Urban is known on the Star Trek 2 set as a prankster, but did he just punk us all?"

According to Orci: "Our belief that one of the fun things about Star Trek that distinguishes it from other franchises is that the story turns It isn't just the spectacle of Star Trek, not just the explosions and the battles, it is the plot. That is why we are so protective of plot and character with this particular franchise..."

As Orci continues, "In this one, we can preserve the experience for some people of not knowing exactly until we get there. Will we succeed in keeping it under wraps? Probably not, but we will try it."

Orci also said there should be a trailer ready for the next Trek by the fall.
So we know it's not Khan, and it may not be Gary Mitchell either, so who could the villain be? A brand new character? An old villain? 

Come on Trekkies, let's get to work!