On the ALF-Ted connection

Posted by David Konow

ALF, the story of a rather cantankerous puppet from another world, was shown on NBC for several years back in the 80s.

As we recently reported, creator Paul Fusco is hoping to bring everybody’s favorite alien back again.

Not long after news broke that ALF was trying to make a comeback, I spotted a story in The Hollywood Reporter which sported pictures of ALF and Ted side by side with the headline: "Five Ways ALF Paved the Way For Ted."

Ted of course is the #1 comedy from Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy, and I didn’t even think of the potential similarities between the two creatures until I saw this story. So do they have much in common?
Giving this a little bit of thought, the first thing that came to mind for me are their voices and attitudes. Both Alf and Ted sound like they come from back East, and Ted’s voice sounds similar to Peter on Family Guy.  (MacFarlane does the voice of both Peter and Ted). And both are definitely back East in terms of attitude as well.
As the Reporter also mentions, Ted drinks and does drugs, and ALF used to chug brews in the first season. In Ted, he dates a girl named Tami-Lynn, and ALF had a crush on a girl named Lynn. 

Both ALF and Ted appeared on the Tonight Show. Also both ALF and Ted get kicked out of their homes, forcing Ted to get his own place, while ALF had to stay in the garage.
Now I haven’t heard anything about whether MacFarlane was influenced by ALF or not, but frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if he dug the show growing up. And who knows, maybe Ted can pave the way for ALF to come back. 

If you think about it, ALF is much more family friendly than Ted (at least in the 80's iteration), and he's also back on The Hub, where they’re going to be playing ALF episodes from July 16th-19th. So here’s to hoping the ALF marathon and Ted help bring the character back again for another round of retro television fun.