From cosplay to Star Wars knitting!?

Posted by David Konow

Being a geek used to be difficult enough for guys, but a girl geek? Forget it. 

For many years, many of the ladies felt they had keep their inner geek hidden, but as we’ve seen in recent years, it’s been more than okay for them to come out of the closet and admit their love for Star Wars, video games, Transformers, and all other things geekette.

Just the other day as I was cruising my local Barnes & Noble, I saw further evidence that more girls are clearly getting their geek on among the piles of Hunger Games books. Funny enough, back when Star Wars first took over the world in 1977, it wasn’t big with the female demographic, but things have obviously changed a lot since then. Case in point - the book Knits For Nerds by Joan of Dark, who also goes by the name Toni Carr.
On the cover is a cute looking brunette with a Princess Leia knit cap, meaning knitted danishes on each side, but this book doesn’t just show you how to make Star Wars projects. According to the book description on Amazon, you can also learn how to make Lieutenant Uhura’s Star Trek minidress, Hobbit slippers (for extra big feet you’d assume), Manga leg warmers, a Lord of the Rings shrug, and more.
As Amazon further tells us, Joan of Dark "is an avid lover of all things knit and crocheted," and with Knits For Nerds she’s been able to unite the world of crocheting with sci-fi and fantasy. In her About the Author info, Carr also tells us, "With a science fiction writer for a mother, and a father who made sure that her comic book collection was always stocked, she had no choice but to grow up a geek!"
Now if if you’re a Star Wars geek who isn’t particularly sexy, not to worry. Joan of Dark is proving that you don’t need a Princess Leia bikini to be cool among the Star Wars brethren, although I didn’t check to see if her book has a knit version of that famous, sexy empire outfit that Carrie Fisher wore so well back in Return of the Jedi.

Of course, as any fan of Star Wars knows, Lucas always wanted the movie to be chaste because it was primarily designed for kids, which is why in the first film Leia is practically wearing bedsheets and had her breasts strapped down with gaffers tape. (Fisher joked in the book Skywalking that there would be "no jiggling in the Empire.")
Whether it’s through nature or nurture, there’s now plenty of female geeks out there, and they can make new geek alliances at the next ComicCons and WonderCons with their homemade geek cosplay outfits. Much like David Lee Roth said about concert shirts, you see another dude with a Van Halen shirt, you have an instant rapport with that person, and cosplay/knits should also do the same for the geek ladies out there as well.