Tarantino's Django Unchained losing cast

Posted by David Konow

This Christmas is going to be a big one for fans of Quentin Tarantino, as he's coming back with Django Unchained, his western about slavery before the Civil War. 

It's a big, epic story, the script is very entertaining, and like most of Tarantino's work, if you're a fan, I can't see why you wouldn't like it in a million years.  Yet all may not be well in Django-ville, because as the movie is filming right now, two cast members have left the film, namely Kurt Russell and Sacha Baron Cohen.

Tarantino's Django Unchained losing castBoth had small roles in the film, and both could probably be cut out of the film without too much damage because the script is very lengthy, and may need to be eventually cut down anyways, unless they want to make it four hours long and split it into two parts like Kill Bill.
According to Total Film, Cohen claimed scheduling conflicts are why he left, no word from Russell's camp yet, but this does feel a little suspicious. Cohen would have known he has to promote his new comedy, The Dictator, all that and a role in a film would have to be worked out months in advance. And for two actors to leave a movie while it's shooting, again, makes you wonder what's really going on there.
Funny enough, Russell stepped in place for Kevin Costner for the role of Ace Woody, which again isn't a big role, but according to Cinema Blend, his part is going to be transferred over to another character played by Walton Goggins. Cinema Blend also cited an Ain't It Cool News report that "In true Tarantino fashion, the script is changing and evolving even as shooting happens, and Russell's role changed to the point that Goggins will basically absorb. Russell did indeed quit, but sources say he didn't storm off the set, and his departure had nothing to do with Sacha Baron Cohen leaving as well."
Whatever really happened, and again, it's suspicious for something like this to happen while a movie's shooting, especially when an actor has to get paid and sign a contract to make a movie. As such, it wouldn't surprise me if diva behavior was involved - especially considering Tarantino's not exactly Mr. Humility.

Stars that are still in the movie are Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson, Kerry Washington, Don Johnson, Anthony LaPagila, and many other performers well known, and long lost to pop culture past.