From Chewie to The Jetsons

Posted by David Konow

To any aspiring screenwriters about to read this, please remember that such stories are about as rare as winning the lottery. 

That said, here goes. You've read on TG about the screenplay Chewie, which was written by two 27 year old scribes, Van Robichaux and Evan Susser, and it's a comedy script about Star Wars from the point of view of our favorite Wookie.

From Chewie to The JetsonsThere's no deal in place yet to make the movie, but it made The Black List, which names the hottest unproduced scripts in Hollywood. The script was obviously a hell of a calling card, because the news recently hit Variety that the duo is now working on the big screen version of The Jetsons.

The Jetsons is being produced by Donald De Line (Green Lantern), and Denise Di Novi (Edward Scissorhands).

As you may recall, a big screen Jetsons has actually been in the works for a decade. At one point, screenwriting duo Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander (Ed Wood, 1408) were going to write it with a scenario that everything electronic breaks down for a day. According to Collider, Robert Rodriguez was also going to direct at one point.

The concept of the Star Wars story from Chewie's point of view definitely could make a funny movie, so needless to say I'm also very curious to see what these guys will bring to The Jetsons, which along with the Flintstones are probably Hanna Barbera's best known cartoons. (People also forget that both cartoons  were on prime time TV, not Saturday mornings in their first run).

As producer Di Novi told Collider, one of the reasons The Jetsons hasn't made the big screen yet is, "Every couple of years, the genre kind of changes." 

When Christopher Nolan took over Batman, "[it] really exploded the expectations on adapting all these kinds of titles. The pressure is on to really make them the coolest movies, and not the cornball cartoon movies."