Tim Burton talks Dark Shadows and Beetlejuice

Posted by David Konow

With Tim Burton's Dark Shadows coming to theaters on May 11, there's more pictures from the film out there on the 'Net, especially images of Johnny Depp dressed as the vampire Barnabas Collins.

Thankfully he looks pretty good, as they even got Collins's lank, plastered down hair style very close to the original.

Tim Burton talks Dark Shadows and BeetlejuiceDark Shadows was a horror soap opera from the '60's, and it was one of the few times a horror series really worked.

It's definitely a project totally up Burton's alley and as he told MTV, "It's got such a strange vibe. And it's not something that a lot of people necessarily know," although the show certainly has a big cult following among fans who grew up with it.

"Some of the cast knew about it," Burton continued. "Some didn't, but they were all game for it – getting into the weird spirit of what Dark Shadows was. It had a weird seriousness... We just had to feel our way through it to find the tone." (Michelle Pfeiffer, who stars in Burton's Shadows, was a fan of the show and grew up with it).

Tim Burton talks Dark Shadows and BeetlejuiceBurton revisited the animated film that first made his name, Frankenweenie, which goes back to good old fashioned stop motion animation, and will be in 3D. (Before you groan about this, I think the prospect of Burton in 3D is very interesting). 

When asked about another Bettlejuice movie, Burton said, "I love that character, and Michael [Keaton] is so great in it." Burton has apparently summoned Seth Grahame-Smith, author of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and screenwriter of Shadows, to write a Beetlejuice follow-up script: "If you have some idea about it, go for it, and then I'll look at it freshly."

Although Johnny Depp is certainly Burton's main man these days, a Burton/Keaton reunion would also be pretty damn cool. Burton felt going back into Beetlejuice, he's sure Keaton could "strangely tap right back into it."