The David Fincher-Star Wars connection

Posted by David Konow

It might seem strange to think of David Fincher, director of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Fight Club, in the same sentence as Star Wars, but there are some connections.

As most Fincherphiles may know, he grew up two doors down from George Lucas in San Anselmo, CA. Fincher saw part of American Graffiti being filmed not far from his home, and also did some time at ILM, working on Return of the Jedi.

The David Fincher-Star Wars connectionGrowing up next to Lucas, Fincher saw that directing was achievable, because his next-door neighbor who picked up the newspaper in the morning just like everybody else was a director, which took the mystique out of the job.

Although Fincher would later say in the book Rebels on the Backlot that Jedi "sucked sh*t through a straw," like millions of others, he fell under the spell of Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back.
In Rolling Stone, Fincher said that with Star Wars, "Telling people about [it]was better than actually seeing it, and seeing it was pretty great."

When the Millennium Falcon blasted out into space, "All of a sudden this whole world of possibilities opened up," Fincher continued. "At 14, you're thinking about cars and getting out of your parents' house. You go, 'Wow, that's what it would be like to blast out.'"
As Fincher told Collider, he was also blown away, as all Star Wars fans were, by Empire, and  it's without a doubt his favorite in the series, as it is with most Star Wars Fans.

"I appreciate Star Wars," Fincher said. "It's an amazing accomplishment, it is an A+. Empire's an A++. It was senior year of high school in the summer. When I saw that George Lucas was going to do the AT-ATs on baking soda with stop-motion and he was going to turn a pivotal characterover to Frank Oz and he was going to play it as Muppet, I thought,'This f*cking guy has balls,  man.' It's unreal the risks that he will take in order to tell his story... the cobbling together of all these magic disciplines to make this thing that is so much greater than the sum of parts. That's spectacular."