No, The Muppets aren't radiating subliminal messages

Posted by David Konow

Unfortunately, there are quite lot of gullible people who believe all kinds of nonsense.

There are those who believe the earth is flat, and that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, just to name a few recent stupid theories, but I have to say, this one really takes the cake.

No, The Muppets aren't sending subliminal messages Recently several chuckleheads have been trying to convince us The Muppets and The Smurfs are peddling dangerous messages to our kids.

First reports surfaced that the Smurfs were racist, now the Muppets have come under fire, this time from Fox Business News reporter Eric Bolling, who hosts the show Follow the Money. 

The goal? As MTV put it, to "turn impressionable children against our country's down-trodden oil barons," and Fox News being Fox News, they also blasted the Muppets "liberal bias."

Then Fox News Host Andrew Tantaros joined in saying, "It's brainwashing. I just wish liberals could leave little kids alone."
Meanwhile, French author Antoine Bueno wrote The Little Blue Book, claiming that Smurfs were "steeped in Stalinism and Nazism…their leader is Papa Smurf who shows very authoritarian and paternalistic characteristics." He also accused Smurfette of being the Aryan dream girl with blond hair and smooth features, and that the image of Gargamel, the main Smurf nemesis, fits anti-Semitic stereotypes.
All this nonsense was spewed before the release of the blockbuster Smurf movie last year, and it certainly did nothing to hurt the film. And as Thierry Culliford, the son of Smurfs creator Peyo, told Foxnews, Bueno's take on the Smurfs was "between the grotesque and the not serious."
It's an old saying that even the devil can quote the bible, and you can probably apply a negative spin to just about anything if you try enough. It's extremely hard to believe there's truly any subtextual or subliminal liberal or fascist messages damaging to kids in either the Muppets or the Smurfs, and if you don't like either franchise, go smurf yourself.