Eulogizing music CDs

Posted by David Konow

Our initial report about the death of music compact discs certainly caused quite a ruckus - even though the music buying (or shall we say, listening) public turned on the format quite some time ago already.

Nevertheless, if reports from SideLine are true that CDs will be phased out by the end of next year, it is indeed a milestone in our culture.

Eulogizing music CDsTim Lucas, who runs Video Watchdog magazine posted on his Facebook page: "I'm going to go out on a limb and predict: Music collectors on the fast track to extinction, major labels soon to follow."
For the second part, I'm willing to bet that will happen, that indeed the major labels may soon be over and done, but music collectors?

Not so sure about that myself, and it definitely stirred some interesting debate on Lucas's page, as I'm sure it has elsewhere as well.
As we've previously reported on TG, vinyl has gone up steady in recent years, and as one poster on Lucas's Facebook page mentions, "There have [been] more vinyl records released than any one person can have enough time to listen to just once each in their life. Can't see the used vinyl market going away while I'm still alive, which is fine with me."
Another poster wrote, "I've seen this link making the rounds for the past couple of weeks. Rabble-rousing nonsense. The death of the CD – and, by that same token, physical media – has been greatly exaggerated." 

Another poster noted, "I think 'major labels' is the key phrase of that headline. Other labels will be pressing physical formats at least as long as the last Baby Boomer is alive." 

Yet another poster wrote, "Don't we have everything we need anyways. What NEW music is worth a sh*t anyway?" 

And another good question from another poster, "With the rough doubling of data storage and transfer every 2-3 years, will DVD and Blu-Ray have similar fates say 2-4 years from now respectively?" (Actually I don't think that will take too long myself...)
Again, this report has stirred up a strong debate, and will continue to, until we get some real answers from official sources. In any case, it will certainly be interesting to see what formats are still standing a year from now.