Some thoughts on Twilight Zone & The Stand

Posted by David Konow

Matt Reeves, best known as the director of Cloverfield and Let Me In, has been chosen to helm the upcoming Twilight Zone movie.

Other choices Warner Brothers mulled over before deciding on Reeves reportedly included Christopher Nolan, Michael Bay, Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men), and David Yates (Harry Potter).

Some thoughts on Twilight Zone & The StandBeing a big fan of the Twilight Zone, I guess another movie was inevitable, but I still need more to convince me this is a good idea. 

Apparently the film is going to be a feature length story, although I have no idea if it’s going to be in black and white or color (my guess would be color).

It’s also somewhat disappointing that there isn’t a bigger director coming aboard, but who knows? 

I really want to be shown wrong, and sometimes, no matter how bad your gut feeling is, it’s great to be proven wrong, and thankfully the feeling in my gut isn’t bad right now, just kind of meh.

Again, I’m hoping for the best, and hope all involved will realize there’s a big fan base for The Twilight Zone to this day, and that the traditions of the show will be respected.

Now on to The Stand.
For those who remember all the hoopla over Good Will Hunting, Matt and Ben had become quite an insufferable duo in the late ‘90s, and there’s still doubts to this day that they could have written an Oscar winning screenplay. (Rumor has it William Goldman actually penned it, which he denies, or at least came up with the therapist scenes, and what have Matt and Ben written since?)

Stephen King The Stand

Since making fist pumping fools of themselves at the Academy Awards, both have redeemed themselves, well, at least Damon more than Affleck: Damon by being a terrific actor and making good career choices, and Affleck by generating much better press and notice as a director post-JLo.
Still, choosing Affleck for The Stand is just wrong, and could be a fatal mistake on the level of allowing Quentin Tarantino to act, letting Brett Ratner adapt a work of Shakespeare, or hiring Joel Schumacher to direct anything.

Good director or bad, The Stand is too big, epic, and complicated a tale, and I can’t imagine how Warner Brothers came to the conclusion that Affleck’s the one to helm it.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for against type directing, it worked brilliantly with Jonathan Demme and Silence of the Lambs, but I’d hate to see one of Stephen King’s epic masterpieces screwed up, and have to wait another twenty or so years for it to be rebooted again. 

There’s also reports that Affleck and Damon may re-team to make a film about Whitey Bulger, the Boston crime boss who was recently captured in Santa Monica, CA after years on the run, and this would be a better choice for both frankly. (Although oddly enough, Bulger was the inspiration for the Jack Nicholson character in The Departed, which also starred Damon).
Many people on the 'Net are wondering what happened to the original proposed writing/directing team of Steven Kloves and David Yates of Harry Potter fame. 

Clearly, there’s a talented duo that can handle epic, dark, and literate.

So here’s to hoping Warners will rethink its choice before tackling The Stand.