Weird heads for sale on eBay

Posted by David Konow

No, this isn't about real heads for sale on eBay, although there's probably real heads for sale on there too. I haven't checked and I'm not going to, sorry.

But it's definitely odd that as I was planning to write about the replica of the most hated woman in America going for big bucks on Ebay, another (far less) infamous head also went up for sale that will probably fetch far less. One of them even has a Star Trek connection, believe it or not, making this story even more bizarre.

Weird heads for sale on eBayNow this story will require a little back history if you aren't a film buff, but you probably already know the work of director Sam Peckinpah - because two of his movies were recently remade and were released within a week of each other, Straw Dogs, and The Killer Elite. 

His great masterpiece, The Wild Bunch, is also due to be remade (big shock), and don't be surprised if like Dogs and Elite it similarly sucks.
Okay, so back in 1974, Peckinpah made a drug and booze induced mess called Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, which is definitely not one of his better movies, but it does have its fans and admirers.

So a friend of mine posted on his Facebook page that the actual head of Alfredo Garcia was up for grabs, being sold by "headsup1230" out of Rowland Heights, CA with a starting bid of $1,200,  which has since jumped to $1,500.

The head itself was crafted by make-up master John Chambers, who also did the incredible make-up for Planet of the Apes, and also crafted Spock's ears on Star Trek. (Not to mention, Chambers created another great head, the severed noggin' that pops out of the boat at Richard Dreyfuss in Jaws).
This head's still in good shape after all these years, but if you really wanted to piss everyone off this Halloween, the infamous Casey Anthony head has unfortunately been "sold," and at the price it went for, most of us can't afford it anyways. 

The Daily Beast recently ran a story about "murderabilia," and included with the John Wayne Gacy paintings, and Ted Bundy's VW was a Casey Anthony mask, which speaking of Star Trek looks a bit Vulcan with its pointy ears. The blank stare's very unsettling too, I have to say.

murderabiliaThis one "sold" for $999,999 by jnco6970, who reportedly beat out 104 other eBayers for it. Of course, the whole thing ended up being a scam bidding war. Plus, the mask wasn't exactly Hollywood make-up quality, and you can get other serial killer memorabilia much cheaper.

Then again, you won't be seeing Casey Anthony masks in every store this Halloween, so if you gotta have one, I guess you might be forced to fork over the big bucks.

Just be careful walking around in public with that mask on, because you don't want anyone mistaking you for her. Or maybe you want to carry her head around in a bag and unzip it at parties for laughs, ditto the Alfredo Garcia head, both great conversation pieces, no?