Harry Potter stamps hit the museum circuit

Posted by Aurevoir Chatte

If you already have the Harry Potter wand, pencil toppers, DVD set, and pajamas, maybe it's time to invest in some Harry Potter stamps just to add a little extra pizazz to that check or letter you need to mail.

Since you couldn't possibly collect all the Harry Potter stamps out there, you can always check out the Potter stamp collection now on display at a small museum in Weston, Massachusetts.

Stamps from France, Great Britain, the Republic of Taiwan, and the Isle of Man will be displayed depicting characters from the movies as well as other Potter-themed goodness.

For example, there are stamps with themes related to the movies and books such as specials trees, which Mr. Olivander uses to make his famous wands, or secondary characters like dragons or lesser known people within the stories.

Evan Siegling, a long-time stamp collector, gathered the Potter stamps from all over the world and is toting them around the United States for Potter fans who have already checked out the books, movies, collectable items, and various wax figurines and want something different.

So far, the exhibit has traveled to California, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconson and currently resides in Massachusetts.

In total, there are over 750 stamps on display along with games and puzzles for the Potter fans visiting the museum.

(Via Boston.com)