GeekStock Lollapalooza hits L.A.

Posted by David Konow

Whatever hyperbole you use to describe it, a superhero lollapalooza, a geek Woodstock, a deeply religious experience for comics fans, The Hero Complex Festival had to be enormous fun for superhero and film fans everywhere.

The Hero Complex is the L.A. Times column run by Geoff Boucher who clearly has a very fun job talking to the giants of the comics, and comics movie, community. 

GeekStock Lollapalooza hits L.A.From June 9th to the 12th, the festival featured screenings of Iron Man, Superman II, Star Trek II, the 2009 Star Trek reboot, The Incredibles, and Dick Tracy. 

Guests of honor included Warren Beatty, Trek II screenwriter / director Nicholas Meyer, Trek 2009 screenwriters Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Richard Donner (who directed most of Superman II), and Jon Favreau.

Warren Beatty was apparently happy to relive his experiences making Dick Tracy, which is still trying to have a second life today.

Bryan Singer is a fan, and an interesting fact I recently learned from Star, the Warren Beatty biography, is the film's primary color look was replicating the old comics, which then only used several shades of ink.

Beatty takes forever to make movies, he was planning Reds forever before it finally got rolling in 1979, and finally made it to theaters in 1981, and he still hasn't gotten around to making his Howard Hughes biopic, which he's also been planning since the '70's, so even though he wants to make a sequel to Tracy, it certainly doesn't pay to hold your breath.

At the fest, Beatty told the audience, "I always think of making a movie like vomiting. I don't want to vomit, but I get to the point where I think, I'd better go ahead and do this, and I'll feel better.'"

The two best Star Trek movies playing together, the current reboot and The Wrath of Khan, also had to be geek movie heaven.

Thanks to Nicholas Meyer, he gave Star Trek a new life on the big screen after the first Star Trek movie bored audiences to tears (a friend of mine likes to call it Star Trek: The Motion Less Picture), and hopefully with the help of the current screenwriting trio of Kurtzman, Orci, and Damon Lindelof, the series will continue to live long and prosper.

At the festival, Meyer recalled he'd seen the "Space Seed" episode of Trek, and figured Khan "must be pretty angry by now," and that Star Trek II "was a movie about friendship, old age, death, and how you deal with it," referring to the Enterprise losing their beloved Spock.

With all these incredible screenings and Q&As going on, I also have to add I was especially excited to see there was a William Shatner impersonation contest (!), and that had to be worth the price of admission alone.

(I may have even entered myself. How's this for Shatner: "I'm a rock-it-man! Burning out his fuse out here! Alooonnneeeee!!!!")