Make a movie out of this (we dare you)

Posted by David Konow

Looking at YouTube the other day, where I spend much of my time, I came across something pretty interesting and fun.

In addition to getting ready to helm The Dark Tower, Ron Howard has set up a pretty cool contest, and here’s the spiel...

This contest is called Project Imagin8ion, and Ron will be making a short film, and he wants the best 8 photos submitted to him to inspire it. 

"These 8 winning photos will inspire the 8 movies themes for this film: setting, time, character, mood, relationship, goal, obstacle and the unknown."

So deciding to have some fun with this, I selected a couple of pictures online ‘Net that would be funny to turn in as a joke, because I’m not taking this too seriously.

I just cruised the 'Net, picked up things that struck me as amusing to turn in, and they reflect my, ah, sensibilities, not to mention I’d pay to see how someone could turn this into a movie, even a short one.

Kylie Although, well, something tells me there’s a kid in a basement somewhere with too much free time on his hands who could do just that.

And who knows? Maybe this will actually inspire something in a future Ron Howard film, you never know.

You can probably come up with some more hilarity for this as well.

I will certainly be very curious to see what they’ll be receiving serious or funny, and knowing Hollywood, how somebody may not get the joke and let it run through. 

Maybe this is how Mel Brooks could do a modern, cyber version of The Producers?