Crysis may be getting a mobile makeover

  • Could Crysis be getting a mobile makeover? Well, it sure seems that way, as Crytek wants to hire an iOS dev who is "passionate" about video games.

    According to a detailed ad, Crytek also expects the potential recruit to possess a number of other critical video game dev skills, including:

    • iPhone/iPad programming experience.
    • OpenGL ES and/or WebGL.
    • Long-term experience in Objective-C.
    • Proficiency with XCode and Cocoa.
    • Familiarity with web-based architectures and techns (REST, XML, JSON).
    • Scripting languages (especially JavaScript).
    • Proficient in both Android and Windows mobile development.

    So, would you be willing to play Crysis on a mobile device, say an iPhone, iPad, or the Tegra 2-powered Motorola Xoom?

    Hell, yeah!

    Sure, the gaming experience may not be as immersive as on a computer monitor or widescreen TV, but a smooth mobile rendering is still probably good enough for the (non-hardcore) masses trapped in long commutes or boring high school/college classes. 

    Think Rage, Quake and other classic FPS titles.

    And if Crytek follows the (potentially lucrative) id Software model, we can look forward to scaled-down version of Crysis (1 or 2?), perhaps in two versions: standard and HD.

    Of course, this is all pure speculation until Crytek decides to make an official announcement, but hey, a gamer can always hope, right?