Top 11 fantasy tech predictions for 2011

Posted by Raven Alexis

What makes for a great story? Drama, a good premise, unexpected twists, invariable turns, and maybe a juicy secret or two to top it off. 

And the only thing I like better than a good story, is a good story I can watch unfold right before my very eyes. 

So in that vein, I offer you Raven's Realities - Tech Trends to Truth. Or in less dramatic fashion, Twenty Eleven Previewed and Prognosticated.

But first, an official disclaimer.

Top 11 fantasy tech predictions for 2011This article is a light hearted look at tech and emerging trends and quite a bit of whimsy and maybe even a little red wine for good measure. 

Nothing within is meant as a direct prediction nor intended to represent my belief that James T. Kirk will soon return from the future only to have a battle royale with Spock and Picard over who becomes my husband in WoW after Michael Buffer delivers a rousing intro to each...*swoons*

Anyway, back to reality... 2011 will hold the following for tech...

1. Mobile gaming will finally arrive: While the argument can be made that mobile games are already here, the adoption of pads, eReaders, and other larger form technologies aren't at a level that I'd call "mainstream." Next year promises better games, more apps, and falling prices. If you don't have a "Touch" something by this time in 2011, you will be as dated as the guy down the road who still plays mix tapes on a 1980-something "boom box."

2. Amazon will debut "Try-It B4U-Buy-It": This technology could transform images of people into rapidly constructed avatar models. Amazon will partner with an unknown upstart tech tempest and use these models to allow customers to try on apparel or simulate swinging a ball bat - sparking a whole new revolution in eCommerce.

3. You'll go on virtual dates with your favorite "stars" and media mavens: Oh wait, that's this year. You are coming to the debut of RavenAlexis3D on the 15th aren't you? (Shhh...its still a secret and I am aware that isn't really a prediction so I'll do 11 instead of 10 Kk???)

4. Online collaboration will finally work: Clouds, Google Docs, Multi-Messengers, team management apps, CRMs, card scanners, calendars, and all the synchronization, meet up, or check ins will eliminate the issues and get on track and help simplify instead of complicate. No more wrong API, incorrect oAuth, proprietary version, missing hash, or incompatible OS, architecture, browser, or the like will render team crying out for the "I" of Integration that works. Next year, things get done right instead of twice, thrice, and more.

5. Browsers get compatible too: PLEASE SANTA :D If I believe it it will happen! No more "this works here but needs a hack there or a work around on that because HTML5 support isn't due until we fix CSS issues with layering in... OMG SHUT IT. Has anyone heard of standards? Other industries adopt and comply with them. And we call ourselves geeks? FIX IT. Standards.  Compliance. Universal functionality. And I'll send Bill, Steve, and even Linus an e-Card that reads "W00tz-l33t!!! BiG ThX GuyZ. UallROK ;) <3  ur Tru-BFF-4L ~R4V3N~ XOXO. (And since I'm really wishing here, can add to the wish list a browser that can actually "remember me" when I click the checkbox even though I am security conscious and clear cookies, temp, and history on close? Thanks. ~R4V3N~ will <3 U2!!!

6. Streaming on mobile that works: See one above. Same idea with content delivered quickly and effectively to those same mobile devices.

7. Auto dealers, attorneys, and anyone else with annoying commercials on television and radio will embrace permission based double opt in marketing with an easy and functional unsubscribe. And as a side effect, the post office will implement The CAN JUNK Act to enable easy removal and opt out of grocery flyers, carpet cleaning adds, and mailers of various "Spam." Well, a girl does have to dream.

8. Social Media Social Sites, Removes, Taking Away,  Redundant, Redundance : How many pages, profiles, and spaces do I need? They all have photos, and interests, and bios, and blah. In 2011, the new media becomes reality. Imagination replaces imitation and we see the debut of micro niche sites that work seamlessly with one another. My gallery media site profile plays nice with the music on my audio profile page and I can merge and organize all the varied mini niches together in a lifestyle profile site or on any of the various other social sites I use for career, travel, leisure, or otherwise. Like an organized and clutter free "De-duped dB" my social life is simple, succinct, and vastly preferable to the bulky, buggy, bloated, blech that is my asynchronous upkeep of profiles with essentialty the same data across multiple locations. Yay 2011. Simplify, streamline, succeed. w00t, you heard it here first.

9. Dragon Naturally Thinking: In an effort to keep up with tech trends of avatar eCommerce and 3D TV the pioneer of speak to text jumps way ahead and uses neural waves to read thoughts and place the text into your PC. Unfortunately, the application is designed to run on Windows8 but during beta an executive order classified the software property of the TSA and one now need only be mentally undressed to board an airplane after complaints about callous treatment of children among others caused the agency to rethink their full body scans.

10. EULAs get eulogized: After the success of synergy in social media corporate giants come full circle. One after another makes tech available via various forms of GNU and Creative Commons licensing and share their tech to better all facets of the world around. Profit is seen in service and upsells prove a better play than fighting the consumer as they did when attempting to ban the VCR. Gone are days of Beta v VHS and HD v BluRay, collaboration and new media make a better world and cause the best tech triumph of all time.

11. Mayan Calendar Patch Released: As the earth rushed towards the end of the world at blazing speed technology giants and geeks galore created the Universal World Predilection Prevention Patch rendering the Mayan Calendar Mayhem of 2012 less a crisis than the year 2000 bug. Immediately after people everywhere burst into song and John Lennon was brought back from the dead and lead the Gazillion Geeks to the Garden where technophiles everywhere marched on DC while repeating the chorus of "Give Peace a Chance" while being followed by a Google Street View Car and rendered real-time in a format only viewable in Chrome...:)