Cyberpunk fashion explained

Posted by Lydia Leavitt

Cyberpunk is the genre that started it all. Coined by Bruce Bethke in 1983, the sci-fi subcategory is focused on science, information technology, cybernetics and a radical change in social order.

Modern examples of Cyberpunk include the Matrix and Blade Runner. Yet, the genre is much more than a fictional genre - it’s a lifestyle.

And that floor length leather coat is not just for Neo in the Matrix. There is a whole cyberpunk and cybergoth fashion movement that takes elements of the story and incorporates it into an easy to distinguish look.

You may have seen someone that stood out from the crowd: part punk, part high technology, total cyberpunk.

So, if you want to dress like a cyberpunk, check out the top 7 accessories to make you fit in with the punks of the future.

7. Let’s start with the hair.

Whenever you think cyborg of the future, you think crazy unnatural hair, think red, blue, or purple hair.

The more unnatural the better.

Hairstyles like woven dreadlocks or shaved heads are also popular among the cyberpunks - for men or women.

Added points if it glows in the dark.

6. Something leather.

Whether you’re a man or woman, something made of leather or patent leather is essential for a cyberpunk.

Some boots, a cuff to wear on your wrist, or a pants/shirt combo, leather is essential to the cyberpunk look.

5. A lace up corset.

Pulled straight out of someone’s fantasy, a lace up corset is the perfect way to finalize your cyberpunk look.

Taken from elements of hardware and fantasy, a leather lace up corset takes a mushy stomach and turns it into a futuristic piece of hardware: part woman, part cyborg.

4. Boots.

The more buckles and the higher the platform the better.

For men and women, cyberpunk boots take army boots to a whole new level with added rivets, buckles, and materials like patent leather and crazy colors.

Boots are the mark of a true cyberpunk, so remember to complete the look with a proper pair of boots.

3. The coat.

As a true cyberpunk, you obviously need a coat.

Preferably floor length and leather, the coat adds a certain level of mystique that you just can’t achieve with normal outerwear.

Modeled after a cape, the longer the train, the better, because there’s no drama like leaving a room with a trenchcoat made of leather trailing behind you.

2. Sunglasses or goggles.

Tying in with elements of steampunk, cyberpunk takes driving goggles to new extremes with an industrial look.

The goggles keep you prepared for the unexpected elements of the future.

The sunglasses of choice are aviators, a look that span multiple genres but have been adopted by the cyberpunk crew.

1. Something neon.

Since the cyberpunk look pulls from elements of tech music, make sure you have something neon to match your electric lifestyle.

It could be your hair, it could be a shirt, or an accessory, but no matter what it is, make sure it’s neon.

There you have it, your guide to dressing like a cyberpunk.

Remember: the more leather, the more buckles, and the more neon, the better.

You have to embody the electric, futuristic look of the past, present, and future.