Do FPS games suck on consoles?

  • Sure, we've all seen hard-core elitist gamerz take cheap potshots at console-based FPS titles. But could they be right?

    Well, Martin Hollis, the director and producer of N64 FPS classics such as GoldenEye and Perfect Dark, believes there is a clear "lack of innovation" in (current-gen) console first person shooters.

    "I feel that the consoles have lost ground and momentum [in the] FPS [genre]," Hollis told

    "Nowadays, the interesting things that are happening for FPS tend to be for PC, and that has a different culture. It [also] has different styles of gameplay, [as well as] different core mechanics and semi-core mechanics."

    According to Hollis, the [console] FPS experience differs significantly from that of the PC - as it is a "very solitary" one.

    "[Yes, true], there's online, but that's [still] a kind of solitary. I think the genre's moved away from that idea of getting people together in a room, more towards, more of an Xbox experience - [and] I think that's a great shame.

    "I have to admit that when I look at FPS games, I'm always looking for innovation, and I don't tend to be that excited by what people have done. I wouldn't go so far as to say it was retrograde, but there's an awful lot of things that I've seen that aren't really that new," he added.