Ben Heck mods an Xbox 360 Slim laptop

  • W00t! Talented serial modder Ben Heck has built a sweet, tricked-out Xbox 360 Slim "laptop."  

    The system - which uses an internal power supply - is approximately 1.5″ inches narrower left/right and 1″ narrower front to back than earlier mods based on the old Xbox 360.

    The portable Slim is also significantly quieter, as it leverages a stock Xbox 360 Valhalla fan and does not require supplemental cooling hardware.

    Additional specs include:  

    • Internal WiFi.
Touch sensitive power and eject buttons.
    • Pushbutton control audio amplification.
    • Gateway 1775W 17″ widescreen LCD display @ 1280×720.
    • Fan grate design copied from PS3 Laptop design.
    • PVC plastic routed case.
    • Air holes.
    • Removable hard drive panel. 

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