Violent high school teacher becomes a YouTube star

  • A high school algebra teacher who suffered a violent nervous breakdown in a Nashville classroom has become a YouTube star nearly overnight.

    The shocking video of Donald Brian Wood - who was filmed turning over tables and yelling at cowering students - has garnered approximately 180,000 views since being posted on October 8.

    Unsurprisingly, Wood has been placed on administrative leave as he receives psychiatric treatment at a nearby hospital.

    His sister, Leanne Smith, told a news conference that Wood regrets his actions.

    "He expressed his passion and love for teaching and concern for his students [at McGavock High School]," Smith said in an official statement quoted by CBS News.

    "[But] the lack of respect for authority in our society's classrooms across the nation is [certainly] one of the many consequences of the way public school teachers are forced to deal with their classrooms today."