Google Music logo spotted in the wild

Posted by Trent Nouveau

A Google Music logo spotted on the 'Net may indicate that the Mountain View-based company is poised to take on Apple iTunes with its own Android-based service.

The web-powered platform - which was briefly demoed at Google's I/O conference - will allow users to seamlessly download music and other apps to their Android smartphones.

However, AppleInsider's Prince McLean noted that Google's efforts to "match" Apple iTunes may end up "stomping out" third-party solutions, including a desktop and mobile app created by DoubleTwist.

"[It] has evolved into an iTunes alternative for Android users who currently have no way to browse for apps outside of the very limited web page Google provides for its Android Market, which lacks even the basic capacity to search for software titles," explained McLean.

Google Music logo spotted in the wild"DoubleTwist also acts as an iTunes alternative for syncing music and media from a desktop PC to Android phones, another standard component entirely missing from Google's mobile platform."

Nevertheless, McLean conceded that in contrast to Apple, Google was "unlikely" to block applications with "overlapping" functionality.

"[Still], the delivery of a standard player, streaming service, and software interface for Android by Google would likely erase the prospects of third party developers like DoubleTwist, much as Apple has been criticized for in its introduction of Mac OS X services such as Sherlock 3 (competing against Watson) Dashboard widgets (competing with Konfabulator)," he added.