Flight sim fans drool over Multi Function Panels from CH Products

  • Los Angeles (CA) – Serious flight simulator fanatics usually plunk down hundreds, even thousands of dollars for custom flight controls, but CH Products wants to change all that with its Multi Function Panels.  The USB device allows owners to mount buttons onto printed templates and crazy gamers can install up to 16 panels on their computers.

    The MFP comes with 25 buttons that stick onto a clear plastic panel.  The panel is removable and you place a paper command template underneath.  Why is this cool?  Well if you want to switch games, simply lift up the plastic and slide in another piece of paper.

    At the E for All Expo in Los Angeles, Michael Sexton of CH Products told us the buttons have a “molecular Velcro” bottom that sticks to the plastic.  The buttons come off with a simple twist and can be moved around the plate.  Up to 50 buttons are recognized and of course CH Products sells packages of extra buttons.

    The MFP retails for around $200, but Sexton told us distributors will often have the panels for a cheaper price (approx. $150 to $175 range).