GIMP.TV answering questions you’re too embarrassed to ask

  • Ontario (CA) – Basic car maintenance like changing your oil and rotating tires may seem easy to grease monkeys, but to many people it’s as mysterious and complicated as brain surgery.  Now, there’s a video podcast called “Fuel Time” that promises to show basic car fixes, all without embarrassing yourself.

    At the Podcast and New Media Expo in Ontario Calfornia, we interviewed GIMP.TV’s Mike Murray about the network’s top shows.  GIMP is a catchy acronym that stands for Global Internet Media Productions and hosts shows like other streaming media services like Limelight Networks and Revver.  Unlike those services, GIMP only accepts the top shows and currently has several shows in the top 10 spots in iTunes.

    One of those shows, Fuel Time, follows a basic premise.  Simple car fixes can be easily taught on video.  Often these fixes are performed on eye-catching cars and in an upcoming episode one of the cars featured in the Fast and Furious movies will be used as an example car.

    Murray told us the videos are downloadable in several formats that are easy to watch for would-be car mechanics.  “You can download it to your cell phone and watch it while you're changing the oil,” said Murray

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