Ron Moore Is Back With Helix

Posted by David Konow

Ron Moore is best known to geeks as the man who reinvented Battlestar Galactica, turning it into one of the most acclaimed sci-fi shows in history. He’s finally back with a new creation, Helix, which has a similar plotline to The Thing. (In fact, Moore was going to remake The Thing as a mini-series.) 

Now for the reviews. Slate wrote that “Helix can fill the Fringe-sized hole in your heart,” which is high praise indeed. The L.A. Times called it “suspenseful,” admittedly “familiar…and if it doesn’t match Battlestar for ambition or poetry or sparkling dialogue – to judge by the three hours available for review – it’s well-made, solidly scary and disturbing all the same.” 
Other reviews have been cautiously wondering where everything could lead for this show. The Hollywood Reporter told us, “The Syfy thriller has plenty of action and a solid group behind it, but will that be enough to keep it intriguing in the long run.” At the same time, “there’s certainly faith in those behind the curtain to pull something off that’s thrilling and more than just a version of Outbreak that doesn’t deserve a third hour.” 
At the same time, SF Gate suggests, “the key to enjoying the Syfy thriller Helix is not to overthink it…Chill out, and let [the] disease mystery unfold.” 
So has Moore come back with a new series that’s worth of his Galactica legacy? We’re not sure if he’ll strike that kind of lightning twice, but it seems like he’s returned with a respectable follow up.