Pacific Rim is hours away: Giddy Girlish Glee

  • Guillermo Del Toro says, this is a movie made by people who love giant robots and monsters for people who love giant robots and monsters. OMG! Why is it not happening today!

    This new 13 minuted making of featurette is leaving me salivating at the thought of seeing Pacfic Rim this weekend. Can there be anything else worth waiting for any more than this. No, of course not. 

    There is no pretense here or any hint of self-consciousness, or hipster irony crap. This is the purest fanboy movie, maybe the greatest fanboy movie, ever conceived.


    If it is crap, many people will have to pay for my disappointment by committing ritual suicide, but I can't believe that will be the case. I believe in giant robots and monsters. I love giant robots and monsters.

    I am giving myself completely to the experience. July 12, 2013. I am prepared to be overcome with emotion.

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